4 Tips to Choose a Good Proofreading Website

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Sometimes, we don’t have time to proofread our documents the way we’d like to. Dissertations are long, and proper proofreading might take us a few good hours, even days to do. That’s not very easy to achieve if you have classes to attend to, or maybe a job to get to. In cases like these, some proofreading sites may seem like a gift sent from the heavens.

Who doesn’t love having someone else do their job for them while they go on, doing their business? It doesn’t matter if the “business” is just a part time job or a night out with your friends. However, in order to reap the best results, you need to make sure that the website you choose is among the best. This article will serve as a guideline in order to do that.

1. Check Out the Personnel

Every good proofreading service needs to have their personnel listed somewhere with all their credentials. It’s obvious that you don’t want your paper to be proofread by “experts” which are nothing more than students – just like you are. In order to make sure that the website you are hiring is working only with professionals:

  • • Look for the possibility of asking for a particular proofreader
  • • Check out the academic degrees of the proofreaders and ensure that they all have at least a master’s
  • • Check whether or not the proofreaders are natives in the language
  • • Look on the proofreading site for the numbers of specialists that work for them.

If their personnel seem shady, then you can be sure that their services are shady too. The more information they give out about their specialists, the less they have to hide – which makes them more trustworthy.

2. Check the Website Design

You may wonder what the design of a website has to do with their proofreading, but here’s some food for thought: if a company doesn’t really have much money to pay for a good web designer, they will settle for less. Faulty buttons, flashy colors that are an eyesore, this just begs to question: how much do they pay their proofreaders?

If the proofreaders aren’t paid any attention to, they won’t pay attention to the job either. And who do you think will have to suffer because of that? That’s right: the one placing the order.

3. Look for Information

Does the website offer you all the information that you need? Phone numbers, emails, chat, order guidelines – are they all there? What about the price list? Can you see it clearly, or do you have to log to see it? What about the guarantees or features offered? If there isn’t much informational content aside from “sure, we’ll proofread your paper for you,” then you might want to look elsewhere.

A good proofreading website will place every crucial information right on the homepage so that visitors know for sure what they will receive by using their services.

4. Testimonials and Experience

If a proofreading service has a lot of expertise in the field, then they are entitled to boast many positive testimonials. So before checking what customers say, find out how long they have been in the field. You may want to pick a service that has more than two years of experience in offering proofreading help.

Choosing which proofreading service to choose may make the difference between an A and an A-minus, so make sure to do proper research. Also, don’t be tempted to pick the cheapest service out there: if they’re cheap, then it means the proofreaders aren’t rewarded much for their services. And if they aren’t rewarded much, then we’re back to the second point.