My own experience with company is in this review

JetWriters review is an academic writing service that can help students with their essays and research papers. The information on their website is quite scarce so I had to do some research of my own to find out more about it. During this research, I encountered some customer reviews and feedback on and I must say that I was not pleasantly surprised.

So, without any further ado, let’s find out if this company is one to be recommended or if it is one to keep away from.

The Services It Has to Offer

It is hard to say if this writing company is a scam or not, but what I know for sure is that it’s impossible to track down their location. When you click on their contact link, they say that you have to relax while they are working on your essay. While I find it funny, it is also scary. The mailing address for this company is somewhere in League City, Texas, as the website claims.

The services offered by include term papers, admission essays, book reviews, essays and other types of academic writing products. Therefore, don’t expect this company to help you with your resume, or other non-academic services.

Quality of the Products

If you search the Internet, you will find out that every Jet Writers review is negative and extremely critical. Former customers complain mainly about the writing and the editing quality of their products, with their papers being full of errors that could’ve been easily observed and solved during the editing process. But not only simple customers noticed lack of quality in JetWriters products. Many professional review websites comfirms all the bad ratings. Just take a look at this video.

Therefore, I believe that the writers don’t proofread their papers. In addition to this, many complained about the citation errors.

With so many complaints, I started to ask myself if the writers of this company are qualified. A qualified writer would’ve never made so many basic mistakes. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that we are dealing with unqualified writers.

When it comes to the Jet Writers’ customer support, I must say that this service is very unhelpful. At first, they are eager to assist and help you with the process of ordering your paper, but after you receive it, the story changes.

You will feel almost ignored, and like you are not talking to the same customer service anymore. Maybe this happens because of the many complaints that these operators receive every day, but even if this is the case, they shouldn’t be so uninterested and careless about their customers.

Prices and Discounts

An explanation for the quality issues that many of you may encounter with this company would be the low prices they have. The prices practiced by are extremely affordable. An essay will cost you no more than 10 dollars per page. Given these prices, it is hard to pay quality writers and customer support personnel.

Since the rates are low, I couldn’t find any discounts, coupon codes, or a promo code. You can pay your order via PayPal, or other methods, but I believe PayPal is the most secure way to do so.


The only positive thing about this company is that it is low budget, but I don’t believe this has to be a decisive factor in this review. The writers of this company are definitely unqualified and do not master the English language. Moreover, with an extremely poor customer service, it is no wonder that this company has a bad rating and so many critical reviews.

With this being said, I do not recommend to anyone, because it is a poor-quality writing service.

JetWriters review and rating